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  • M2move, I love the workouts! I do appreciate the longer warm up sessions, because I think they were the reason I’ve been sailing through the program without injury. The workouts are challenging, and I actually like that - I know that I’m not doing some exercises to full capacity, simply because I’m not able to just yet, but feel it is my responsibility to push myself as hard as I can in any given workout to one day achieve the full capacity. Also, when a particular weight becomes too easy, I bump up the weight, so ultimately at this stage of my fitness journey it is always challenging.  I love the variety of workouts you create as well. It typically takes me an hour from A to Z. The time is fine for me, and I feel good about myself for taking that as my “ME time”. As you know, I don’t hesitate to ask questions  and trust your expertise in creating these workouts, so I don’t second guess them. Jumping on this opportunity is one of the best things I’ve done this year! I’m always looking forward to the next set of week’s workouts!

    Jitka Wong
  • "Workout #2 finished this morning. A family that plays together, stays together Went from 33 to 42 push ups and From 56 to 88 squats in 12 weeks (with about 2.5 weeks break). Yeeey" And there was one pleasant surprise- down 3 lbs (1.5 kilo?!) since last week! Woohoo!"

    Jelena Puzovic
  • Entraînements en ligne : These are really good workouts. Love the variation. Much better variation than stuff I’ve created myself. Thank you – & "Sessions are challenging. Love the exercises you come up with. Really pushes you. Overall I’m really enjoying the program. One of the best things I’ve done in 2018, so grateful for the opportunity. Thank you! Takes about an hour+ or so each session. Forces me to move quickly and retain high intensity."

    Daniel Thorpe
  • For me the notable difference was the reduction of my pot belly !! Considering, in Australia, we are in the middle of winter and, like many people, I tend to load on the pounds around my tummy, it was both surprising and awesome to see the before and after shots of a reduced belly! If I had one wish, before I started this program, it was to reduce my pot belly. I was also really pleased to see my arm dimensions decreased by such a lot too. That is great as there was definitely excess flab on my arms. So it worked! - I lost it in the right places!! I am pleased that I did the program and I really was blown-away and loved your support, which was absolutely seamless and phenomenal!

    Amanda Tucker
  • I can already see a difference in my fitness level and stamina. My 14yr old son who reckons to be fit, came with me today and couldn't believe how hard he found it. I'm loving every minute!!

    Rachel Hodgkinson
  • J’ai perdu 18lbs déjà! J’étais surprise d’être capable de continuer à pousser, les exercices n’étaient pas aussi difficile que la dernière fois, je n’avais plus besoin de m’arrêter et recommencer. Et mes jambes sont rendues tonifiées, je suis surprise par moi-même

    Viviane Sauvé
  • Je n’aurais jamais cru suivre ce type d’Entraînement en ligne, à mon âge la technologie semble venir d’une autre dimension. Mais c’est si facile à suivre et les vidéos sont si simple que j’ai pu m’y mettre aisément. Dès le premier entraînement je ne ressentais beaucoup moins de douleur au dos. Après la première semaine, aucune douleur et mon niveau d’énergie à augmenté drastiquement. Je vois une différence dans ma posture et je peux noter une amélioration déjà.

    Hélène Grenier