Marilyse Caron,  M. Sc. Kin

Graduated in Higher Education and Bachelor of Science from the University of Montreal in Kinesiology, I dedicated years to learning and understanding the science of the human body.
At the same time, I have taught sports, been a private and group coach and have been a sports trainer for many sports organizations (including Carabins Rugby UdeM) since 2009. I still practice these activities, but I’m not alone anymore. A growing team is by my side.

In order to occupy my free time, I practiced multiple sports: rowing, soccer / football, semi-pro football and rugby as a Rugby Carabins athlete, and I received a Canadian Academic Star during this course. .

Thus, years of experience as a sports coach and coach, as an athlete and my specialties in Biochemistry of Physical Activities, Physiology of Sport and Biomechanics have led me to create an organization beyond what is on the market. M2move was born.

M2move was created in order to make the wonderful science of human movement accessible to all, health through physical activity is our foundation, the application of these achievements is our duty and pride, and you rub shoulders and improve your lives is my propulsive force, my motivation.

I want, through M2move, to be added value to your lives. We give you more and we push you a little more, while smiling, to expose the best of you.

I created the M2move structure so that everyone could access it. Without physical limit, geographical, with the best possible frame!

This is my will hidden behind all this journey, and that leads me to go further; I want to see you discover what you can do. Because I know how far the healthy body and mind can lead you.

logo m2move

And because we flourish better together!
Looking forward to seeing you in the M2move community!